The Farrells

The Farrells
Matt, Nicki, Owen and Nora live in the San Francisco Bay area. Matt is a research analyst at CBRE and is loving his job. Nicki spends her time playing with Owen and Nora, reading, crafting, and taking lots of pictures. Owen loves to read, sing, throw toys, and quote movies. Nora is growing quickly and loves to be the center of attention. We have a wonderful life!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas eve!

For Christmas eve we made the rounds to family. We started off with Christmas Eve dinner at Matt's house and opened sibling exchange gifts there. Then we headed over to grandma Bromley's house for games and red velvet cake (a Bromley family Christmas Eve tradition!). 

I curled this girly's hair for the parties. I couldn't get enough of her cute face with curly hair!

It was 70 degrees and sunny on Christmas Eve... so we spent the majority of the time at Matt's house outside.

Nora hanging out in the hammock with Jason and Lindsay.

Matt's dad slacklining with help from Jason and Jon.

Matt's mom even took a turn!

Michelle and Jenny watch the proceedings.

Nora got up...

...and so did Owen!

Sibling gift exchange! Matt and I had Jenny and Jason, respectively. We made Jason a Fruit Ninja kit - complete with costume, machete, and fruit to slice!

The whole family went in the backyard to watch Jason slice fruit.

Nora thought it was hilarious!

Love this little face. :)

Joseph and Mary!

All the grandkids acting out the nativity - Ellie, Emma, Matthew, Nora, Owen, and baby Alyssa as baby Jesus!

Opening grandma/grandpa presents before we go home.

Nora checking out the little town at grandma Bromley's.

Getting ready to act out the nativity.

Nora was the youngest one there, so she got to be baby Jesus. She LOVED that little bed, and laid in it for the rest of the night. 

Cousin gift exchange.

Owen got a Ninja Turtles mask, and Nora got a Hungry Hungry Hippos game.

Christmas family!

My favorite people in the whole world.

Crazy baby. ;)

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