The Farrells

The Farrells
Matt, Nicki, Owen and Nora live in the San Francisco Bay area. Matt is a research analyst at CBRE and is loving his job. Nicki spends her time playing with Owen and Nora, reading, crafting, and taking lots of pictures. Owen loves to read, sing, throw toys, and quote movies. Nora is growing quickly and loves to be the center of attention. We have a wonderful life!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

David and Goliath...

We act out scripture stories for FHE... and Nora wanted a turn as Goliath. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Springtime photos

We had a pretty eventful spring with my birthday, Lamb of God performances, General Conference, and Jackson's birth. Here are some of the things we did:

These kids love being goofy together.

Tape piggies.

Putting stickers in their general conference notebooks.

Apostle bags for general conference.

Eating cinnamon rolls and making bracelets during general conference.

We've started acting out scripture stories for family night. This one was Daniel and the lion's den. 

Nora as King Darius.

Owen as Daniel in the lion's den.

Owen and the creepiest puppet I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, that thing was frightening.

Some of the cute spring projects Owen did in his class.

Cutie O-boy and his grass that he grew in TK.

Helping grandma plant strawberries.

We also planted pumpkins. These kids can hardly wait till they grow!

Some of the plants nearly died the very first day... these kids couldn't keep their feet off of them.

Grandma supervising.

While waiting to go in the auditorium for Lamb of God at the Interstake Center, Matt and the kids did a photoshoot on temple grounds. I will never get tired of the crazy faces my kids make. These pictures crack me up every single time. Be warned, there are a lot of pictures coming!

Finally! A good one....

After the show... this was the last performance I made it to before Jack was born.

Lindsay sang the part of Mary of Bethany that night. She and Jason were in the choir.

Another scripture story FHE - this one was David and Goliath.

Planting flowers in our back patio.

Nora went with daddy and picked out all the flowers.

Even Jack made an appearance!